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Let the sparks fly: tips on gifts for the college couple

Happy February KSU! It’s that time of year again were stores are going to be riddled with naked babies with drawn arrows.

This is a great time to get into the topic of how to create a spark in your relationships. In American culture, it is seen as a romantic gesture to surprise your guy or gal with gifts. With Valentine’s Day only a week away, let’s open a discussion on how to earn brownie points with your significant other or simply gain the attention of the special someone you would like to know better.


Surprise her with a heavenly fragrance

My first tidbit of advice for my college men is to be attentive to your lady. Once you figure out what items she simply can’t live without, it makes surprising her easy and so much fun! Fellows, if she’s open to it, you may want to take a look around your girlfriends’ dorm room or apartment to see what things seem to be necessities to her. Often times these include lotions and fragrances, shoes and accessories. However, do not just go for the stereotypical flower and candy when it’s time to treat your lady because every woman has a different taste, hence getting to know her interests is key.

Some suggestions that have worked wonders with yours truly are:

  • Jewelry sets: These are a great way to place your mark your girl’s heart. First find out what type of jewelry she’s into (or if you don’t know just guess). Then go online and start finding which retailers have the best deals. A few that I would suggest are Kohl’s, JC Penny’s and Filene’s Basement.
  • Perfumes and fragrances: Getting your girlfriend her favorite fragrance is mutually beneficial because as men you can enjoy every second of being near her. If she has too many perfume bottles than her desk has space, do no fret. The one you buy her will become her preferred scent because it now has sentimental value.
  • Flowers: Similar to perfumes, there’s something about the smell of a freshly bloomed flower that lifts people’s moods. So guys don’t listen to your roommates when they tell you buying flowers are old fashion. A neat trick would be to spray her favorite perfume on the flower, then surprise her with it in class to see how that makes her feel.


Bring out the "baller" in him with an NBA Live video game

While the men have to be observant and put forth some effort to woo their love interests, the ladies have it made. Men in general, but specifically brothers in college, are simple and easy to please. Just like our female counterparts, we have a few things that we can’t live without.

  • Video Games: College women cannot go wrong with buying their boyfriends a video game system or games for the one he already owns. Not sure what to get? According to ConsumerReports some of the most popular games among men are Call of Duty, NBA and NFL Live, Mortal Kombat and Halo.
  • Dinner: Whoever said the to a man’s heart is through his belly must have married Rachel Ray. But seriously, an easy way to please your boo this Valentine’s Day is by making him a candle lit dinner. For those with limited cooking experience don’t worry, if he loves you he will appreciate the time you put into the meal, drown it in his favorite condiment and enjoy his evening.
  • Clothes: Whether you get him Hollister or Hanes, every college guy appreciates when his girlfriend is willing to add to his wardrobe.

Just remember, it’s not about the gift but the love that comes with it. Always tell that special someone how much they mean to you. So enough about my ideas, please comment on ways that you make your significant other feel special. I hope this post sparks some ideas in those brains of yours. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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One comment on “Let the sparks fly: tips on gifts for the college couple

  1. From my past experiences with women and gifts, a woman can never resist fine jewelry. There’s a reason every kiss begins with Kay. As you mentioned, every woman has different tastes and naturally this is reflected in the type of jewelry she prefers. The easiest way to find out what she likes if you don’t know is to ask her. If not, here are some key things to look out for:

    Metal: Gold, White Gold, or Silver? Every woman tends to prefer one over the other. Silver is the cheapest of the three, but fine silver must be taken care of because it will naturally tarnish.

    Type: Does she wear earrings? Watches? Bracelets? Necklaces? Rings? Again, most women tend to wear more of one type of jewelry over the other, so choose something she’ll love and use.

    Style: A bangle bracelet is very different than a cuff or one that has charms. Is her watch leather or metal? Does she wear feather earrings, or perhaps she likes diamond studs. Knowing what style of jewelry she likes will lead you one step closer to winning over her heart.

    Color: Last, make a note of what color of jewelry she wears. If her favorite color is blue, buy her a sapphire. If she wears her birthstone, then find out what it is and invest there.

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