Let’s talk about sex

In 2012, there’s a three-letter word that’s hard to avoid: sex. It’s a driving force in our media, whether we’re tuned in to reality T.V. or casually listening to the radio. Heck, even Kent State dedicates a week to “Sextoberfest,” to celebrate the sexual liberation of being in college. Since, college students are constantly barraged by sexually charged messages, I thought of a concept. Why not seek the opinion of God among all the chatter? By the way, He’s the authority on how to have the best sex.

Pastor Joshua Harris book on life, love and courtship according to God's plan

A book that I’ve found to be great at explaining what God intended sex to be is boy meets girl by Joshua Harris. Boy meets girl is the follow-up to I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Joshua Harris is a pastor, whose first book chronicled how he left the dating game at 21-years-old. Now he’s helping others, by tackling the issue of biblical courtship by sharing his testimony of how he pursued his wife Shannon.

“The Bible let’s us know that God celebrates when two lovers have sex that’s pure,” says Joshua. “How much you ask? Well, he almost shouts it in Proverbs 5:18-19: May your fountain be blessed, and you rejoice in the wife of your youth…May her breasts satisfy you always.”

See, scripture shows us that God knew what he was doing when he gave us the pleasures of soft legs, firm muscles, slow kisses and so on. But, when humans reject His plan for romance, and turn sex into what we think it should be that’s when become slaves to sin. Yes, it may be hard to understand, but having sex outside of the commitment of marriage rarely ever truly satisfies. Furthermore, it carries real consequences.

Harris then says what I’m sure all of you are thinking right now by saying:
“Yea, yea okay I agree that sex in marriage sounds great. But none of this deals with my raging sex desire right now! Did God make me this way to torment me?”
He absolutely did not, and although it feels like it for us college students, it’s for our own good. Think about it, if God had made procreation as undesirable as sneezing, it wouldn’t be considered a gift, would it?

How do I make abstinence practical? I’m glad you asked. In boy meets girl, Harris explains how the idea of an off-the-hook sex life in marriage doesn’t just happen; it is planned for. Part of this planning process happens when men and women commit to being disciplined when they are single. A few steps to help put feet to your faith are:

• To avoid slippery slopes or fleeing situations where your commitment to God might be compromised (1 Chorinthians 6:18).
• Make yourself accountable. This ties into the first point. You should find someone in your life (not your boyfriend or girlfriend) that will lovingly hold you to a standard of righteousness (Proverbs 27:17).
• The Bible says to acknowledge God in all your ways (Proverbs 3:6). This doesn’t refer to just easy parts but also the complex parts of our lives including our jobs, education, sex-lives, and relationships. Be aware not to make these tangible things into idols to fill a void where the Lord should and wants to rule.

American society sometimes looks at sex as taboo and gives it nicknames like “doing the nasty.” But, this is merely people’s way of countering the heavy influence the media has had on how we view sex. The reality is that the Lord does not honor the world’s perversions of sex, but He does get the glory when we do it within marriage (Hebrews 13:4). I pray that we be encouraged, no matter relationship status, because God’s plan for our sexuality is beautiful and greater than what society tells us it should be.
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3 comments on “Let’s talk about sex

  1. Nice and so true..plus god is trying to protect your heart and other consequences from having sex outside of marriage.and also it doesn’t make your wedding night special cause it will be nothing. Its hard but it will be worth it and I know god will bless your marriage a lot more:-) nice blog

  2. I appreciated this blog because it is things that we sometimes question, even as a follower of Christ.

    • Yes it is. I think the more we grow in Christ, the more we have to hold on to God’s promises. It’s painful sometimes, but He’s making us better. I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

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