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Courtship and PR

We’ve touched on some heavy subjects throughout this semester. So let’s switch gears in to something fun. Some of you know that I am studying public relations. I also love God, and His view of courtship. So I want to talk to you about how the skills I’ve learned as a PR student, can be applied to your search for an enjoyable dating experience.


All of you business majors are familiar with this term, but it goes farther than the logos on store products.

Knowing who you are, and what marketable qualities you possess is an important part of courtship; especially for fellas when they pursue you ladies. A Bible verse that always comes to mind is Matthew 7:6 “Don’t give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw pearls before swine.” A brand marketer knows the value of his product, and targets it to a specific demographic. Likewise, your life, time, energy, and abilities are God’s pearls so don’t waste them on someone who, by nature, can’t appreciate what you’re offering.

Problem Solving

PR is centered on identifying a problem and solving it. Whether it’s BP articulating who’s to blame for its oil spill, or Charlie Sheen trying to regain his fan base so he can get back to winning. Single men and women tend to have a basic problem to solve: having the desire to be loved but having to find a suitable partner. Or on the other hand, couples looking to take their courtship to the next level must become experts at this skill, if they want a long and fruitful marriage. PR pros usually sit down before creating a campaign and draw up a list of goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Apply this to your dating situation to make it more intentional, and cut out the frills that are weighing your plan down.

Social Media 

Today’s PR person is affluent in the integration of several forms of technology to get a company’s “message” to the public. Maneuvering your way to your mate’s heart might take the same savvy. Today young couples are having long distance relationships, so using video chat software like Skype is becoming prevalent. I’ve used Facebook posts, as little devotionals to my sweethearts in the past.

With this in mind, another core PR skill has to be developed: persuasive writing. This starts with having a grasp of basic grammar and how to use it to convey what you want to say. Be honest, doesn’t it frustrate you when you’re reading a text message, but can’t decipher what is the subject and in what tense it is in. Listen to your professors and brush up on your writing skills, because it can serve useful when encouraging, reasoning with and sometimes winning over that special girl or guy in your life.

There are plenty of other ways to tap into social media and technology to enhance your search for true love, so if you know of others feel free to leave a comment and educate us.


One comment on “Courtship and PR

  1. I appreciate and can relate to this “Courtship in PR” article, and find it very interesting! Right now I am single, but I’m about to graduate from college and move away, so I’m okay with it (who knows where life will take me!). I’ve had serious relationships in the past, and know that I enjoy being in a relationship (when it’s going well, that is). When I was in a relationship, I sometimes lost sight of how lucky I was to find someone who appreciated everything I had to offer (or, in the case of this blog, someone who appreciated my “pearls”). I’ve dated a few people since my last serious relationship ended about eight months ago, and although I liked the people I dated, I realized how their “pearls” weren’t compatible with mine. I know I can’t expect what I have to offer to be compatible with everyone, and I’ve definitely had this idea reinforced through dating.

    I also think it’s interesting how the blog post read that persuasive writing can be important in relationships, especially in long distance ones. This is an interesting statement to recognize. I dated someone long distance for a half a year, and I feel like writing on Facebook, etc. wasn’t as important as actual conversation, whether on Skype or via the phone. I can see how writing can be very important in relationships though. Even in simple exchanges (such as via text), if you can’t communicate what you’re trying to say effectively through writing, confusion could blossom on both ends.

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