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Think Like A Man

Hey everyone! After a little hiatus this summer, the Profitt is back!!

If you like romantic comedies like I do, then you’ve probably seen this summer’s hit Think Like A Man. The on-screen spin on Steve Harvey’s book definitely spelled out the rules of dating for singles in 2012. Let me dive into some of the highlights to this film


I loved the part where Steve Harvey says, “Don’t hate the player, change the game.” This proves the point that if you want something of value, you may have to hit the reset button on “social norms” when it comes to dating.

Megan Good’s character Mia, enacted a 90-day rule, before getting intimate with another man. She did this in response to having had sex with some that broke her heart and obviously didn’t care about her as a person.

Waiting to get physical is a good approach, because it forces two people to actually work at getting to know our partners. I think 90 days is appropriate in our sex driven culture, but I’d even suggest waiting longer than that. Why, you ask? Because the emotional connection that you form with someone you’re having sex with is so strong that it makes it hard to break-up if the relationship doesn’t work out.


Another good point Harvey made was reminding Taraji P. Henderson’s character, Lauren, to make her man feel like a man. I know we are living in the independent woman era, ever since Destiny’s Child made the hit song in 2000, but a man still have to play his role as a man. Now ladies, before you start with the “I can do everything on my own, if he does it I will feel weak” spiel, remember a real woman has a slew of responsibilities so if you are handling yours you won’t have to worry about his.

But enough about what I think, I want to know what you felt about this movie family!

The film certainly wasn’t perfect, as some of the couples didn’t even look like they knew each other (cough..Gabrielle Union and her guy), let alone been together for 9 years. The film did, however, get the important conversation started on how people approach courtship in today’s world.



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