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About Me

"The Profitt"Hello world! My name is Issac L Profitt. I’m a senior public relations student at Kent State University.

I have found the topic of romantic relationships intriguing since I was a teenager. Since, I hadn’t grown into my complete “swag,” as the young people call it, I found myself doing less participation and more observing of couples social interaction. I’ve also grown fascinated with studying and following the trends of dating of recent years.

The purpose of this blog is to share tips, trends and topics concerning dating that young adults face. It is also a platform on how to conduct oneself in the world of romance with Biblical principles and integrity.

I have a number of other hobbies including ballroom dancing, bowling and taking spur of the moment road trips. My most recent excursion was to New Orleans, La., with the Kent State chapter of Impact Movement.

Come experience the journey of love, romance and true fulfillment with the Relationships in Real-Time blog. It promises never to be cheesy, sleazy or easy. The header image from this blog was taken from http://www.visualphotos.com

You can contact me at Iprofitt@kent.edu, and also follow me on Twitter or check out LinkedIn.


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