Think Like A Man

Hey everyone! After a little hiatus this summer, the Profitt is back!! If you like romantic comedies like I do, then you’ve probably seen this summer’s hit Think Like A Man. The on-screen spin on Steve Harvey’s book definitely spelled out the rules of dating for singles in 2012. Let me dive into some of […]

Courtship and PR

We’ve touched on some heavy subjects throughout this semester. So let’s switch gears in to something fun. Some of you know that I am studying public relations. I also love God, and His view of courtship. So I want to talk to you about how the skills I’ve learned as a PR student, can be […]

Breaking-up: when it’s time to say no

So you’ve found the person you’ve been wishing for your whole life. You’ve even decided you’re going to marry him or her in the future, and then it happens: your love says the most disrespectful remark to you that you’ve ever heard in your life. Could this be part of a simple lovers quarrel? Possibly, […]

The game: How to get know them

Let’s be honest, sometimes the hardest part about dating is telling a person, “hey, I like you.” But, be encouraged, because this is also what makes courtship so exhilarating. So students, before you psych yourself out, just remember that the person meant for you will see you for who you are. How do I break […]

Let’s talk about sex

In 2012, there’s a three-letter word that’s hard to avoid: sex. It’s a driving force in our media, whether we’re tuned in to reality T.V. or casually listening to the radio. Heck, even Kent State dedicates a week to “Sextoberfest,” to celebrate the sexual liberation of being in college. Since, college students are constantly barraged […]

Love 2.0: The rise in online dating

One thing that goes without saying is that we live in a Web 2.0 world where the internet connects people defying boundaries. Today you can’t mention the web without talking about online dating. It traces its roots back 15 years according to several scholarly journals from Kent State’s research databases. The early forms of online […]

Let the sparks fly: tips on gifts for the college couple

Happy February KSU! It’s that time of year again were stores are going to be riddled with naked babies with drawn arrows. This is a great time to get into the topic of how to create a spark in your relationships. In American culture, it is seen as a romantic gesture to surprise your guy […]