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How to hit the ground running!

How to hit the ground running!

Hello fellow Kent Staters. The snow is falling, groundhogs are hiding and spring semester classes are sure to start kicking our tails. The winter season is also that time of year when many people think about finding a special someone to make them feel warm and cuddly despite the freezing temperatures.

In this blog I’m going to discuss the college student’s need for affection. However, before we get to a running start, I want to talk about ways to make the college years of courtship beneficial and not filled with pain and even regret.


The process of dating, courtship, and marriage can be a beautiful thing to experience when a person is prepared. But, it’s important to fully know who you are first before attempting to share your heart with someone. “How do I figure out who I am?” you may ask. Here are a few concepts to think about:


Being emotionally stable and mature is one of the most important parts of successful courtship. In a relationship this is essential, because it affects how we compromise, communicate, and deal with each other. A simple way to gauge your maturity is asking someone, whose opinion you value, how mature they think you are. This conversation should include past examples of where your character was reflected either negatively or positively (i.e. how you hate sharing or how you are plain rude). You can also discuss tips on how to grow in those areas.


“We don’t have to worry about no groceries, we can fill up on love alone,” is a line from R&B crooner, Anthony Hamilton’s song Cool. While I love that song, that statement simply ain’t true.

Before wedding bells start going off in your head, it’s wise to assess how financial sound you are for a serious relationship.

  • For a bachelor, treating the lady in your life with the finer things has a price tag! One thing college men can do to prepare themselves for meaningful dating is opening a bank account and saving a little from every pay check earned.
  • Good advice for students, single or otherwise, is to consider taking a course in financial literacy. These courses are useful in one’s everyday life and even more so if you have plans to spend your life with someone. Financial literacy courses are offered at most universities, public libraries, and, even some churches. Skills taught in the classes include how to build credit, balancing a checkbook, and how to keep a budget.


As students, we deal with grades, deadlines, social activities, jobs, and families. While the aforementioned are all parts of life, we must be sure to being handle them properly to avoid stress and anxiety.

Your psychological health is probably one of the most crucial pieces of the dating puzzle which should be continually evaluated. Issues like depression, anger, addictions, or stress caused by past traumatic experiences should be worked through with the help of a medical professional. Not doing so can be harmful to you and the special person you care about. There a few things I’d encourage students to do who feel their well-being is not as healthy as it can be.

  • Prayer: Know that there’s a God who loves you and wants you to come to Him with any problem or issue you have (Hebrews 13:5).
  • Fellowship: In times of crisis, it is easy to isolate ourselves from others; but it’s good to stay connected to friends, family, and, loved-ones despite our mind state. Social interaction is not only healthy but helps us grow.
  • Counseling: Sometimes life’s problems are too much to carry by ourselves. Please consider seeking a trained counselor to talk to and assess a plan of action which will lead to your recovery and success in relationships and overall health.

For information on Kent State’s counseling services visit http://www.kent.edu/uhs/index.cfm.